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Rea-Fani Papaioannou

Our vision for a more sustainable society drives the steps towards goal attainment.

Το όρομα μας για μια πιο αειφόρα κοινώνια καθορίζει τα βήματα προς την εκπλήρωση των στόχων.

Ms Rea-Fani Papaioannou is Innovation Consultant - PNO Consultants


Rea-Fani Papaioannou has an academic background on Environmental studies and Sustainable Development. She has worked for different sectors - civil society organisations, national authorities and consultancies - and has developed an understanding on the worldviews of different stakeholders.

She has gained experience in EU environmental, climate & energy policies, innovation process and novel solutions. Having a keen interest in innovation as a driving force towards sustainability, she has researched how successful European Innovation Partnerships are.

Her expertise as an “Innovation Consultant” has allowed her to build an extensive track record in project development and management of various EU funded Research and Innovation projects.

Currently, she acts as the Exploitation Manager of the CARBON4PUR EU funded project.