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Prof Julie Dobrovolná

Be brave and just. As it requires courage and integrity to be a main character in both professional and personal life.

Buďte odvážní a spravedliví. Protože bez statečnosti a poctivosti není možné hrát v profesionálním i osobním životě hlavní roli.

Julie Dobrovolna specialises in the pathophysiogy of stress and in environmental medicine.


Prof Julie Dobrovolna (MD, PhD; previously Bienertova-Vasku) specialises in the pathophysiogy of stress and in environmental medicine.

Her expertise lies mainly in the assessment of environmental factors influencing human health outcomes, with special emphasis on changes in adipokine expression under various environmental conditions and their involvement in the molecular pathophysiology of obesity and other diseases.

As professor of Pathological Physiology at RECETOX, Masaryk University, she heads the Molecular Metabolism and Chronic Diseases Team. Her research goals include the development of a novel stress measurement methodology; she is thus also active in technology transfer in cooperation with the ESA.

Prof Dobrovolná is the recipient of numerous awards including e.g. the Masaryk University Rector’s Award for Young Scientists. She has also won both the Prix de Pharmacie and Prix de Medecine national competitions held under the auspices of the French Embassy of the Czech Republic.

She has mentored and supervised multiple recipients of these awards as well as served on the competition jury. In addition to her research activities, Prof Dobrovolná is an avid populariser of science. Her current projects include the re-conceptualisation of existing theories of stress; at present, she is dedicated to the development of novel methodologies designed to objectively measure consciousness levels.