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Women and girls of all ages need to be encouraged to do science, to get their hands dirty, and they deserve to see their work valued as individuals, not for their gender.

Mulheres e meninas de todas as idades precisam de ser incentivadas a entrar no mundo das ciências, a sujar as mãos, e merecem ver seu trabalho valorizado como indivíduos, não pelo seu género.

Francisca Martins is a student at Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences.


Francisca Martins is currently working on her master’s degree in Medicine at the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences, in Portugal.

While still in high school, she and two of her colleagues developed an award-winning research project in Microbiology which they entitled ShealS - Sea Heals Soil. In the said project, they created algae-based fungicides and studied their efficiency in the extermination of dangerous plant pathogens, Phytophthora cinnamomic.

The project won many multiple national and internatiomal awards and was presented at many science conferences.

More recently, she was a private speaker at European Commission's “International Day of Women and Girls in Science", speaking about the importance of women and girls in research and as the leading task force for European Research and Innovation.

In September 2019, she took part in the Commission's R&I Days, talking about how young researchers and policy-makers can work together to fight climate change, in a session titled "Young, Innovative, Together - for the Climate".

Since January 2020, she is a member of the ESIR expert group. ESIR is a high-level expert group that provides evidence-based policy advice to the Commission on how to develop a forward-looking and transformative research and innovation policy.

  • Country: Portugal
  • Organisation: Student at Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences; Member of ESIR expert group for the European Commission
  • Social media: @fsmartins99
  • Category: Science, research and innovation