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Human rights should serve what they are meant to serve: challenging inequalities and questioning the status quo. Let us take human rights out of their comfort zone: connect the uncommon, come together and dare to experiment.

In essentie moeten mensenrechten ongelijkheden tegengaan en de status quo vermijden. Laten we mensenrechten dus uit hun comfortzone halen: verbind het ongewone, kom samen en durf te experimenteren.

Ellen Van Vooren is Coordinator at the Children's Rights Knowledge Centre.

Ellen Van Vooren studied Criminology at Ghent University and worked for two years in the mental health sector as a prevention worker. In this context she followed a training in forensic behavioral sciences at the UGent.

Afterwards, she worked at the Study and Policy Service of Fedasil (the federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers), on topics such as activation and integration of refugees, training and education, mental health care, migration flows and vulnerable persons with specific reception needs.

She is currently the coordinator of the Children's Rights Knowledge Centre, where she works on the intersection between research, policy and practice on children's rights. IMs Van Vooren specialises in thematics such as participation, human rights education, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, health, sustainability and environment.

In addition, she guides professionals on children's rights through self-reflection and co-creative practice. She is also a trainer in the project Youth for Human Rights.

As a human rights defender, she considers it her mission to make youth workers aware that youth work is already human rights education and to continue to spread the message and the importance of human rights.