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Music has always been my driving force. Its strength transcends borders, defies divisions, unites people and heals souls. As a European, I believe in its unifying power.

La musique est mon moteur depuis toujours. Sa force dépasse les frontières, défie les clivages, unit les peuples et soigne les âmes. En tant qu’européenne, je crois en son pouvoir unificateur.

Corinne Sadki is marketing and communication manager with strong experience in the music industry.

Corinne Sadki has been working in major record companies (EMI, BMG, Sony Music) for more than 20 years, building a strong communication and marketing experience in the music industry.

In 2016, she joined the French music export office in Paris (Le Bureau Export) to get involved in a general interest mission: developing artists career abroad, encouraging the competitivity of the French music sector on new markets, and mobilising politics to support the music sector.

In 2017, she got engaged in European music matters as president of European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE). With EMEE, she sustains international development of the European music sector as a key issue of international policy. She led, for the European Commission, a “Study on a European Export Strategy”, an in-depth analysis on the status of European music’s export capacity, of the main challenges of the sector and proposing practical solutions to enhance and strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s music sector on the international market.

Meanwhile, she's been engaged in gender equality issues in the music sector, as a mentor and as a partner in several programmes (Mewem, Keychange).