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As a kid I was always fascinated by the abysses described by Jules Verne. Today I help exploring them with the technology I invented. Hold on to your dreams!

Da bambina ero affascinata dagli abissi descritti nei libri di Jules Verne. Oggi contribuisco ad esplorarli con le tecnologie che ho inventato. Mantenete vivi i vostri sogni!

Chiara Petrioli is Professor at University of Rome La Sapienza, Founder and Director WSense Srl.

Chiara Petrioli holds a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she is a professor of computer science and directs three research labs.

The author of hundreds of publications cited several thousands of times and patents, Prof Petrioli has been recipient of prestigious awards, including the Fulbright scholarship. Her discoveries on the “Internet of Underwater Things” have been listed in the Nominet Trust NT100 list “Top 100 Social Global Techs Changing Our Lives 2016.”

Prof Petrioli is founder and R&D Director of WSENSE. Headquartered in Rome, Italy, and with offices in Norway and U.K., WSENSE, is a scaling up award winning company in the Field of Internet of Underwater Things, selected to be part of the Blue Invest program. It is one of the European Enterprise Network success stories 2019. Its growth has been supported by competitive EASME grants.

She is one of the “N2Women stars in communications and networking 2019” and one of the “Inspiring 50” Italian women in technology, 2018. Her research has been covered by major mass media including BBC, RAI, CNN, Haaretz, TF1, The Guardian.