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EURL ECVAM wants to act as a focal point for the exchange of information on the development of alternative methods.

Over the past years, we have collected a number of resources that can be used to facilitate the validation of test methods by applying good practices and the development of new methods.

EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals

The EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals is a catalogue of chemical lists that can be used to standardise, qualify, characterise or compare in vitro, in chimico and in silico methods and models.

It contains chemical lists used in research and validation projects (including EU-funded, international and JRC projects), proficiency chemicals from OECD test guidelines, and chemicals that have been classified within various regulatory contexts (e.g. pesticides, carcinogenic and endocrine disrupters). Chemical lists are also grouped in toxicological categories such as endocrine disruption, skin corrosion, acute toxicity, developmental toxicity and carcinogenicity.

The chemicals in the lists are well-characterised and for the most part have been selected by domain experts working within chemical selection groups assembled by various projects and studies.

The EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals is available as an interactive table, which provides a brief description of each chemical list. It is possible to search the lists by filtering by Name / Category / Reference chemicals / Number of chemicals / MIE information / Regulatory / Positives / Negatives / Chemical identifiers.

The table also provides the original publications that describe the lists in more detail and their original purpose.

Access the ECVAM reference chemical library:!GW4wjv