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Around 130,000 peer-reviewed papers published from January 2014 to March 2019 were initially retrieved and screened, from which 542 scientific peer-reviewed articles where selected for a deeper analysis of the non-animal models used.

The majority of these advanced models was focused on studying the biological mechanism responsible for cancer initiation and development and developing efficient and safe immunotherapies.

Knoweldge base

The resulting knowledge base is in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format and is freely available to download from the EURL ECVAM Collection in the JRC Data Catalogue.

Technical report

To complement the knowledge base, we have also published a technical report analysing the models identified to describe the state-of-the-art from different perspectives, including the most prevalent model types, typical contexts of use, and emerging trends.

Executive summary

An executive summary of the whole study is also available to summarise the main results.

A new freely available knowledge base of non-animal models used in the immune-oncology field is now online
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