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In an extensive review of scientific literature, around 120,000 peer-reviewed publications were retrieved and screened for innovative and promising advanced non-animal models of breast cancer.

From this, a total of 935 papers describing relevant non-animal models for breast cancer were identified - according to a set of inclusion/exclusion criteria - and analysed.

Knowledge base

A detailed description of all these 935 non-animal models for breast cancer research as well as information on their applications and biological relevance has been gathered in a unique knowledge collection.

It is easily downloadable as a spreadsheet file from the EURL ECVAM collection in the JRC Data Catalogue.

Technical report

This knowledge base is complemented with a Technical Report that provides an in-depth analysis of the models identified and of the review methodology used.

Executive summary

An executive summary is also available for non-technical readers interested in how they can benefit from this study.


Donwload the leaflet:

Advanced Non-animal Models in Biomedical Research: Breast Cancer
(975.67 KB - PDF)
Human-based methods for better breast cancer research
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Human-based methods for better breast cancer research