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ENABLED - Data ecosystems and enablers

Data Spaces are a resource

Data is an essential resource for economic and societal growth, innovation and job creation. A data space is used for collecting and sharing data and is defined as ‘a seamless digital area with the scale that will enable the development of new products and services based on data'.

As an important factor in a digital society, data spaces ensure that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while keeping companies and individuals who generate the data in control. They help data management processes and governance. These spaces make more data available for users, promote innovation and develop technology.

Why build data spaces?

The European Commission is encourages building European data spaces in crucial sectors. Those include; health, environment, energy, agriculture, mobility, finance, manufacturing, and public administration

Building data spaces is carried out in support of the Green Deal and  Digital Strategy through the European Strategy for Data. For this reason, it has never been more important to explore and build data spaces across Europe.

What does ENABLED do?

The Data Ecosystems and Enablers (ENABLED) project contributes towards the establishment and evaluation of data spaces to support citizens, public and private sectors.

ENABLED is helping to set up a single market for data in Europe under The European Strategy for Data. ENABLED carries out a number of hands-on experiments with cities around Europe to discover technical and organisational enablers. These enablers are analysed to identify incentives and gaps that will aid in the establishment and sustainability of data ecosystems.

ENABLED do this by focusing our project team on:

  • Regional and local data-driven innovation through collective intelligence and sandboxing (testing technology in a safe computing environment).
  • Pools of Experts studying 'Data-driven innovation' governance of data or governance with data across multiple topics.
  • Facilitating a sustainable evolution and maintenance of the INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) Geoportal
  • Support for the establishment of the European Green Deal data space
  • API (Application Programming Interface) technical essentials for API adoption in government
  • Streamlining agricultural (IACS) data sharing

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