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ENLINDER - what to expect

Nuclear decommissioning projects encompass all technical and management actions associated with ceasing operation of a nuclear installation and its subsequent dismantling to remove it from regulatory control, including the environmental remediation of the site.

Nuclear decommissioning is an activity that is expected to expand in the European Union: the Industry needs highly motivated, qualified and experienced personnel in the near future.

The JRC organised jointly with the University of Birmingham in April 2015 a Seminar on Education and Training in Nuclear Decommissioning

The outcome of the seminar is published in a Joint Report with orientations on the way forward to support Education and Training in Nuclear Decommissioning in the EU.

What is ELINDER?

The ELINDER project addresses students and young or experienced professionals who want to pursue a career in this expanding field.

ELINDER offers a training programme in nuclear decommissioning, split into a set of complementary modules starting from a generic introduction to nuclear decommissioning to specific courses focussing on the different decommissioning activities.

ELINDER Approach

Each ELINDER module includes lectures, practical hands-on exercises and case studies at the premises of the organising partners and visits to relevant facilities in the vicinity.

Training Modules:

  • 'Generic training module' (one week): a general introduction to the main aspects of nuclear decommissioning.
  • 'Specific, topical training modules': focus on one topic linked to decommissioning
  • Complementary 'e-learning induction training modules' are proposed to allow becoming familiar with the subject before participating to training in decommissioning.