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The Nuclear Workforce

The availability of skilled nuclear workforce within EU has been the topic of much discussion over the past decades and remains an issue, whatever the future development of nuclear energy is: new build, life-extension, operation of existing facilities and end of life of facilities (decommissioning). The impending retirement of a significant portion of the highly skilled workforce and reduction in nuclear education possibilities threatens the reliability of the nuclear energy infrastructure.

EHRO-N provide important and relevant data through surveys of demand and supply of human resources in the nuclear sector. Reliable and representative data requires continued support and commitment from all stakeholders.

EHRO-N also remains an important tool to identify key strategic topics and initiatives in relation to the nuclear workforce benefiting from being addressed at European level, e.g.:

  • Methodologies and guidelines for conducting workforce assessments in the nuclear field
  • Supply, harmonisation and mutual recognition of education & training
  • Workforce mobility (regional, national and international)
  • Inclusiveness (including gender balance)