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Edlira Narazani

Portrait of Edlira Narazani


Edlira Narazani is an Economic Analyst working in the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at JRC – Seville. She carries out research and analyses in the area of public economics with special focus on labour supply modelling and tax policies. She applies and develops microsimulation modelling tools to assess the budgetary, distributional and equity effects of fiscal policy reforms in the EU Member States.

Before joining the JRC in 2017, Edlira has mainly worked as research fellow at the University of Turin to develop labour supply models for analyzing the ex-ante impact of policy reforms on employment and income inequality in the EU countries.

Edlira holds a PhD in European Economic Studies and a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Turin.

Her research interests are in the fields of optimal taxation, labour economics and public economics.