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EU Science Hub
  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics : CrySyS Lab at the Department of Networked Systems and Services
    Magyar tudósok krt 2, 1117 Budapest
  2. Cyber Services Plc. : Capability building
    H-1089 Budapest Elnök utca 1
  3. Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control : Department of Network Security and Internet Technologies
    H-1111 Budapest, - Kende u. 13-17.
  4. National University of Public Service : Cybersecurity Academy
    H-1083, Budapest, Üllői út 82.
  5. Obuda University : Donat Banki Faculty os Mechanical and Safety Engineering
    Budapest, Nepszinhaz utca 8.
  6. SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy Ltd : -
    Budafoki str. 91c, 1117 Budapest
  7. SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy Ltd. : Secure Coding Academy
    91-93. C/7 Budafoki street Budapest 1117 Hungary
  8. SEARCH-LAB Security Evaluation Analysis and Research Laboratory Ltd. : Security Research Laboratory
    91-93. C/7 Budafoki street Budapest 1117 Hungary