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The mission of the JRC's Technology Transfer team is to disseminate, or to support and encourage the dissemination, of technology-related IP resulting from the JRC’s scientific and technical programmes and having a potential for further development and commercial exploitation.

The team is responsible for the identification and protection of technological assets. Once these technologies are properly protected, marketing initiatives are triggered to facilitate their adoption and market uptake. The main dissemination channel is done through licensing. The terms and conditions of the licensing agreements are adapted on a case by case basis depending on the specific situation of the licensee, the maturity of the technology and the expected market.

A culture of entrepreneurship is also essential to support innovation in the JRC. The Technology Transfer service is facilitating various initiatives aimed at supporting entrepreneurial mind-set including dedicated events and the stimulation of entrepreneurship communities.

In specific cases, when the technology arising from a research project has a business potential, the JRC will support its founders in creating and finding funds for the creation of a start-up.

To support innovation in Europe, the JRC also launched in 2011 the European Technology Transfer Offices CIRCLE, which brings together the technology Transfer Offices of the largest European Public Research Organisations.

To find more information about this initiative, please go to TTO CIRCLE.

Contact Information

For more information on technology transfer, you can contact the team by emailing: JRC-TECHTRANSFER[at]