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In its scientific and technical support to EU policy, the JRC develops technologies that have the potential to be further improved and/or commercially exploited.

The JRC aims to maximise the impact these research results can have for society by licensing these technologies, as well as by other means. The JRC normally retains the ownership of its research results and does not transfer ownership to third parties. Priority is given to allow for broad dissemination rather than revenue generation.

The JRC allows industry to access its technologies. The terms and conditions of licensing agreements are adapted on case by case basis depending on the specifics of individual licensees and technologies. More favorable conditions are normally granted to public research and academic institutions for research purposes, to small companies and, in all cases, to companies from the EU and associated countries.

The maturity of the technology, the expected size of the market as well as the required investments will be taken into account when determining licensing conditions. In all cases, the JRC will aim to provide fair financial conditions reflecting the value of the technology.

Exclusive licenses are considered only in very specific cases where significant investments are required to bring the technology to market and the exclusivity is needed to protect the licensee's investments and/or in the case where the company is a spin-off of the JRC. A technology has to be published for at least six months on the JRC's website before an exclusive license on this technology can be granted.

When a technology has already been licensed, other third-parties wishing to receive a license on the same technology will be offered the same terms and conditions.

Option agreements may be granted to allow the licensee to evaluate the technology and its market potential. The duration of option licenses should normally not exceed 6 months.

The list of our technological inventions can be found on the patents & technologies section.

More information

If you are interested in one of the technologies presented on this website, please send an email to EC-TTO[at] with the following information:
• Name and reference of the technology you are interested in;
• Name, type of company, address and sector of the company;
• Name and position held by the person emailing;
• Type of license sought;
• Suggested field(s) of use.

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