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Call for proposal: BESTEST, Battery Energy Storage Testing for Safe Electric Transport

BESTEST offers temperature chambers for cell cycling utilising battery testers (including impedance spectroscopy). Further micro X-ray computed tomography allows for 3D imaging of cells and battery electrodes.


Dátum uverejnenia
02 február 2022 v Petten, The Netherlands
Druh termínu


The Battery Energy Storage Testing for Safe Electric Transport (BESTEST) laboratory is situated at the Joint Research Centre of Petten (The Netherlands). It features state-of-the-art equipped facilities for analysing performance of battery materials and cells. The capabilities include cell preparation, pre- and post-test battery cell tear-down, cell cycling under controlled temperature (in combination with impedance spectroscopy) and post-mortem diagnosis.

Within the frame of this open access call, the following facilities may be accessed:

  • Temperature (or climate) chambers that allow cell storage and cell cycling under controlled temperature (or controlled temperature and humidity). Battery testers with different specifications and frequency response analysers are available for cell cycling.
  • A micro X-ray computed tomography system (including data evaluation) is available for analysis of cells or battery electrodes.

Definition and conditions of access

Access to the research infrastructure is granted on the basis of Access Units.

For BESTEST, the Access Unit corresponds to 'Equipment Week', equal to the usage of the following equipment during five (5) working days:

  1. Temperature Chambers BiA MTH 4.46 for cell cycling (using a Maccor Bidirectional Battery Tester and FRA, where required) ;
  2. Climate Chambers Vötsch VCS3 7060-5 for cell cycling (using a Maccor Bidirectional Battery Testerand FRA, where required);
  3. Micro X-Ray Computed Tomograph Phoenix Nanotom S.

The Equipment Week also includes the evaluation periods, e.g. evaluation of cycling or CT data using dedicated software.

  • Estimated costs excluding consumables and expenses:
    • Research infrastructure operated by JRC staff: 2309 € / Equipment Week*
    • Research infrastructure operated by users: 1900 € / Equipment Week

* the cost of an Equipment Week is factored by the following amounts for the following list of equipment:

  • 1 for equipment a);
  • 2 for equipment b);
  • 5 for equipment c).

Allocation of intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are allocated according to Paragraph III of Annex 1: Intellectual Property Rights

Eligibility criteria

How to apply

The proposal must be prepared using the Market-driven Proposal Submission Form.
During preparation of the proposal, applicants are encouraged to:

  • Contact the research infrastructure at to assess feasibility aspects related to the capacity of the research infrastructure.

The proposal should be submitted to

In addition, the Lead User shall complete the BESTEST List of equipment Form and send it to

The JRC will only evaluate proposals that are complete and comply with the instructions in the proposal submission form.

Selection criteria

Proposal will be evaluated in accordance to the following selection criteria:

  • Scientific implementation (40 points)
  • Access to SMEs and new Users (25 points)
  • Strategic relevance to the JRC (20 points)
  • Strategic importance for Europe (15 points)

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